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Editor's note: An update on our bridge coverage, your photos and a Twitter hashtag to use

It's an exciting time here in Hastings, and are getting a number of calls about our coverage of the upcoming bridge work. Here's an update for you.

• At about 6:30 a.m. Friday, the Star Gazette will begin its live streaming video of the main span moving out onto the Mississippi River. A link will be put on our homepage once the video goes live.

• Throughout the day, we will be taking still photographs of the move, and we will post those in a photo gallery on that page.

• If you take photos and want to share them with us, please email them to me:

• If you take photos and are using Twitter to share them, we are asking readers to use the hashtag #hastingsbridge so we can find them, too.

• Once the move concludes Friday, we will process the video from our time-lapse camera and will post that video late Friday or early Saturday.

• When the span is floated downstream on or around Sept. 11, we will turn our live video streaming back on.

• We will be able to compile a number of photos, some video and the time-lapse video onto a DVD and we will make that available for sale for a small fee. I'll have more information on this once the move is complete.