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Primary election is Tuesday; candidates profiled, polling places listed

Hastings residents can cast their first ballots of the 2012 election season Tuesday, Aug. 14. The Minnesota state primary election will be held from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. that day.

The City of Hastings has one primary race - the 1st Ward City Council seat. Incumbent Anthony (Tony) Alongi is being challenged by Michael (Mike) Grady and Justin Westman. The number of candidates for this position must be reduced to two for the November general election. Profiles of Alongi and Westman appear below. Grady did not return a questionnaire.

All Hastings city residents (and those in Dakota County Commissioner District 1) are impacted by the Dakota County Commissioner District 1 seat. There are five candidates - Mike Slavik, Christy Jo Fogarty, Dean Birnstengel, Brian Jaye Budenski and Mark Henry. The District 1 seat is being vacated this year by Commissioner Joe Harris of Hastings. The number of candidates must be reduced to two for the November general election.

Profiles of Slavik, Fogary, Birnstengel, Henry and Budenski appear here. Budenski did not answer the Star Gazette's questions, but did copy a response he sent to another newspaper in the area.

Hastings area residents can also vote for candidates for:

United States Representative District 2. Republican Incumbent John Kline is being challenged on the Republican side by David Gerson.

For United States senator, Democratic Party incumbent Amy Klobuchar is challenged on the Democratic side by Dick Franson, Darryl Stanton and Jack Edward Shepherd. On the Republican Party side the candidates are Bob Carney Jr., Kurt Bills and David Carlson.

The Independent Party candidates for senator are Stephen Williams and Glenn Anderson Menze.

This is a partisan primary, which means voters must vote for candidates of one political party only.

For more information, contact Hastings City Hall at 651-480-2350 or Dakota County Elections at 651-438-4380.

City polling places

The City of Hastings precinct voting polls are:

Ward 1, Precinct 1- Washington County - Mail ballots.

Ward 1, Precinct 2 - Hastings City Hall, 101 E. Fourth St.

Ward 1, Precinct 3-Hope Lutheran Church, 16898 Michael Ave.

Ward 2, Precinct 1-St. John's Lutheran Church, 202 W. Eighth St.

Ward 2, Precinct 2-Pour Saviour's Lutheran Church, 400 W. Ninth St.

Ward 3, Precinct 1-Hastings Middle School auditorium 1000 W. 11th St.

Ward 3, Precinct 2-United Methodist Church, 615 W. 15th St.

Ward 4, Precinct 1-St. Philip's Lutheran Church, 1401 W. 15th St.

Ward 4, Precinct 2-Knights of Columbus Hall, 3075 Vermillion St.

Some residents may have had their precincts changed from the last election due to census changes in population. They should check their voter registration cards recently mailed by Dakota County.

A new filing period for municipalities and school districts without primaries began Tuesday, July 31, and continues to Tuesday, Aug. 14.

This filing period includes the following:

In Miesville, the openings are for a three-year mayoral position (incumbent Gene Stoffel) and two four year-year city council positions (incumbents Dan Schauer and Kathy Fox).

Filings can be completed between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with clerk Anita Freiermuth, 14115 240th St. E.

In Hampton the open positions are mayor (incumbent Page Flomo) and two city positions (incumbents John Knetter and Kristina Waltman). Filings can be completed with clerk Mikayla Fischer.

In New Trier, the open positions are mayor (incumbent Melanie Peters) and one city council position (incumbent Zack Dejarais). Filings can be completed with clerk Debbie Chavis.

In Denmark Township, two four-year supervisor positions and one two-year supervisor positions are open. Interested people can file with clerk Becky Herman at the Town Hall.

For more information, contact Hastings City Hall at 651-480-2350 or Dakota County Elections at 651-438-4380.