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Hastings man gets tazed by officer

A Hastings police officer tazed a 73-year-old Hastings resident last week after a crash here.

The man, Ronald Leon Shandley, responded to the scene of a crash that involved his daughter. The crash occurred in the area of Second and Lea streets in east Hastings at about 4:50 p.m. on July 23.

According to police, Shandley was asked to leave his daughter's car alone, as it was part of an investigation. He wanted to take it home and the police wanted to have it towed and impounded.

According to his son Don Shandley, his father was apparently concerned because his daughter was in handcuffs. He didn't understand why and he simply wanted to take his daughter's car home.

Officers asked Shandley to remove himself from the scene.

He did not comply with those requests, then pushed an officer.

Shandley was warned that he would be tazed if he did not stop. Shandley did not comply and that officer tazed Shandley. He was soon arrested on the probable cause charge of obstructing the legal process.

His daughter, Kelsey Marie Shandley, was cited for driving after suspension and for following too close.