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Rivertown Court residents moved back into most units

A majority of the Rivertown Court residents have moved back into their homes.

Last Friday afternoon (June 29) 45 residents were able to move back into their units. The remaining 18 units sustained more damage and work continues on them. Rivertown Court is the senior housing complex behind Target on the west side of Hastings, damaged in the June 19 storm.

When a storm came through Hastings at about 4:30 a.m. June 19, part of the building's roof was blown off. When that happened, the building's sprinkling system activated, causing extensive water damage in the building. At that time, the decision was made to evacuate.

"The other residents are all staying with family members or at the hotel," said Sara Swenson, an assistant administrator with the CDA.

It will be at least three weeks before the work is completed on the other units, she said.

Rivertown Court is one of two CDA senior housing buildings in Hastings - the other is Mississippi Terrace near downtown Hastings. There are 63 units in Rivertown Court.