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Two charged after apparent heroin overdose

Two individuals - Douglas James Aune, 20, Cannon Falls, and Matthew Ogden Hoey, 19, Randolph - have been charged with two counts of controlled substance crime in the fifth degree after a May 21 incident in Hastings.

According to the criminal complaint, law enforcement officers received a report of an individual suffering from a drug overdose in a vehicle in Hastings. The vehicle was located on County Road 46 just east of General Sieben Drive.

One of the occupants of the vehicle, 19-year-old Emily Carpenter of Red Wing, was rushed to the hospital as she suffered from a suspected heroin overdose. She was treated and released.

Carpenter was found by officers in the back seat of the vehicle with Hoey. Aune was driving.

Officers found a syringe on the floor in the vehicle's backseat. Testing confirmed the presence of heroin. Hoey told officers some heroin was still inside the vehicle, and officers found a piece of tinfoil folded up, and inside it was a white substance that was later proven to be heroin.

The day began, Aune said, when he got a phone call from Hoey and Carpenter. They told him where to go to get heroin. They parked near a dealer's residence and gave the dealer $40 for an unknown amount of heroin.

Aune said that as they started heading home, Hoey mixed some heroin with water and injected it into his arm. Aune also said Hoey gave some of the heroin to Carpenter and she injected herself with it. Aune also said he injected himself with some heroin.

As of press time, Carpenter had not been charged.