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Rotary student of the month for May is David Pochardt

The Hastings Rotary Club's student of the month for May is David Pochardt.

Erik Deitz, a teacher at Hastings High School, nominated Porchardt for the award.

He wrote:

"I have had the opportunity to know David for his four years in high school. I cannot personally think of another student that is so well rounded in terms of personal and academic motivation.  David is a student that I have continued to appreciate more and more as he has gone through his high school career.  I have had David in classes as well as in Tech Club, an after-school group that is responsible for designing and building a high-mileage vehicle to compete with other schools.

"The trait that I believe sets David apart most from his peers is his level of motivation. I am continually amazed at how self-motivated he is with his work.  David always chooses to tackle large, complex projects and continues to complete them down to the smallest detail.  An example would be an engine project that he decided to take on.  He thought it would be fun to design and build an air powered engine.  He designed the whole engine, machined each part down to the minute detail, and is currently in the assembly process.  This was possible due to his coming in for many hours after school and taking parts home many nights.  He has talked about several small parts that took him hours to get them just right as opposed to just 'making them work.'

"I cannot remember another student who had that kind of self motivation to complete a project of that magnitude. Inside and outside of the classroom David has shown his leadership skills.  He is a natural leader in the advanced woods class that I have him in as well as being the leader that others come to for direction in Tech Club.  I have also had the opportunity to attend a presentation David put on for the Denmark Township Historical Society where he presented on his 4H project, where he restored an old wood wagon.  The fact that he was willing to present to that large group shows a higher level of leadership and maturity than many of his peers.

"In conclusion, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to nominate David for this award.  In my opinion he is very strong candidate with his involvement both in and out of school.  David's level of self-motivation and drive to perfection really distinguishes him among his peers.  Perhaps most important though, is that David is just really a great person who cares about others and is genuinely interested in others experiences.  I know that David will be incredibly successful at whatever he does and will definitely be an asset to society in general."

In addition, Dietz noted that David has also been involved in various community service projects through his participation in 4-H, such as community food drives, the adopt a family program, highway clean-up projects and many others.