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Man places anonymous phone threat to Hastings City Hall, then outs himself the next day while filing complaint

An anonymous caller phoned City Hall in Hastings on Monday, threatening police officers with some explicit language. The man then hung up, leaving those at City Hall and those in the Hastings Police Department nervous about what was going to happen next.

Nobody could have predicted what, in fact, happened next.

A man arrived at City Hall on Tuesday and asked to file a complaint against the Hastings Police Department. Officers met with the man, who began using some of that same explicit language with them. The colorful statements he was spewing were exactly the same kind of things that the anonymous caller had said the previous day.

Officers determined the man was suffering from a mental health illness, and helped get him transported to a Twin Cities hospital for a mental health assessment.

On Monday, the man had phoned City Hall and called police officers "scumbags," among other things, and he said he was going to make them pay, and he was going to make the suffer. He also targeted the courts, judges, Washington County law enforcement, Dakota County law enforcement and the courts in Wisconsin during his tirade.

When he arrived Tuesday and met with police, those same sentiments quickly began to emerge. The man was argumentative, used some additional colorful language, told officers there was a conspiracy against him and that he was going to rectify that by "reordering the world."

No charges are pending against the man because of the state of his mental health.