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Video surfaces of landmark Hastings Spiral Bridge being dropped into the Mississippi River

The Pioneer Room at the Hastings City Hall holds all kinds of important historical artifacts within its walls. One of those artifacts gets some new life this week, as video shot in 1951 of the Spiral Bridge demolition has been digitized and made available here.

The Spiral Bridge first opened to horse-and-buggy traffic in Hastings in 1895, and the wooden structure has long been a landmark here, even after it was destroyed to make room its successor. It is the only one of its kind ever built.

When it was time for the bridge to be destroyed, the main span of the bridge was simply knocked into the Mississippi River.

The current bridge will meet a kinder fate when it is taken apart, piece by piece, to make room for the new four-lane bridge, planned to be completed by May 2014. It is estimated that crews will spend several months taking the current bridge apart.