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Vehicle runs over fire hydrant, flies 40 feet in the air before smashing through fence and landing in Hastings pond

A Hastings man escaped serious injuries after crashing his car through a fence and into the small pond located adjacent to the Hastings Area YMCA at 12:05 a.m. Aug. 13. The crash occurred at the intersection of Featherstone Road and Pleasant Drive.

The man had been traveling at a high rate of speed down the Featherstone Road hill. The vehicle went through the intersection, leveled a nearby fire hydrant, smashed through a fence and traveled some 40 feet in the air before landing in the pond.

When the first Hastings officer arrived on the scene, he watched as the vehicle sunk into the pond, then found the driver lying in the water near shore.

The driver didn't know if he had any passengers or not, then told the officer that the vehicle needed to be checked because "he was still in there."

The officer took off his duty belt and dove into the water, finding the car and searching the driver's side, the passenger's side and the back seats. The officer couldn't find anything resembling a body and exited the water.

Paramedics arrived and took the man to Regions hospital for treatment.

While at Regions, the man told nurses that another person was still in the water, prompting a rescue dive team from Dakota County to be called in. Nobody was found in the pond, however.

Charges are still pending against the man.

-- Chad Richardson