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General Sieben Drive bridge was closed for repairs; it is now reopened

The seams on either end of the General Sieben Drive bridge over the Vermillion River were repaired earlier this week (May 24-25) to remove bumps in the pavement. (Star Gazette photo by Katrina Styx)

As of Tuesday morning, the Vermillion River bridge on General Sieben Drive had been closed to allow crews to conduct repairs.

There were some "rather significant" bumps in the pavement, said Tom Montgomery, Hastings' director of Public Works.

"They've been there for over a year and just gotten progressively worse," he said.

Whether caused by the high volume of traffic that crosses the bridge or the weather, Montgomery couldn't say for sure.

"It's a difficult situation when you have a flexible pavement, an asphalt, butting up against a non-flexible pavement, concrete," he said.

The heaving pavement was beginning to make the section of road an uncomfortable ride. And drivers trying to avoid the bumps are a safety hazard, Montgomery said.

Because there is a high volume of traffic that uses the road, the city decided to close the bridge completely in order to keep the crews safe.

The bridge opened again Thursday morning.