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Man charged with sex crimes in Woodbury massage parlor case

A 20-year-old man who told police he thought he could get away with whatever sex act he wanted at a Woodbury massage parlor was charged Monday with two counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Washington County prosecutors charged Houa Lor, St. Paul, with one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and one county of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to a criminal complaint, Lor attempted to force himself on a masseuse April 10 at Woodbury Oriental Massage. Police said he stopped only after another employee came to the masseuse's aid upon hearing a disturbance in a room at the Hudson Road location.

In an interview with police, Lor corroborated the masseuse's story, but told detectives "he was under the belief that once you pay you get to have whatever services you need."

According to the complaint:

Lor entered Woodbury Oriental Massage April 10 along with another man. He met entered a room there, met with the alleged victim and stripped down to his boxer shorts. He then laid down for a massage.

The masseuse, a 24-year-old woman, instructed the man before and during the massage that sexual services were not provided.

After the massage began, Lor showered the woman with compliments, then grabbed her by the shoulder and flipped her onto the massage bed before jumping on top of her.

As the woman began to cry, Lor bit her lips - an act the woman suspected was to keep her from screaming. She then told Lor "no" in both English and Hmong - the suspect's native tongue - and tried making her way to the door. Lor then ripped off her shirt and continued touching her sexually.

"She reported that she was afraid that (Lor) would kill her," the complaint states.

The episode ended after another employee heard the struggle. Lor then stopped and left the business along with the other man with whom he had arrived.

She later told a detective that she believed Lor was going to kill her during the struggle and that the incident left her fearful Lor might seek retaliation.

The woman identified Lor in a photo lineup. Police went to his residence and interviewed him.

After being asked about the incident, he said the business had a reputation for acquiescing to sex acts.

As long as clients paid, "you can pretty much do anything you want to the other person," Lor allegedly told police.

Lor admitted to virtually every claim made by the masseuse, but said the lip-biting incident was incidental contact during the struggle.

Police asked Lor why did he didn't stop the first time he was asked.

"The defendant said that in his heart he wanted to stoop, but he wanted to just kiss her one more time before he stopped," the complaint states.

If convicted of the more serious of the two felony charges, Lor faces a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison and a $35,000 fine. A warrant was issued for his arrest Monday.