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Hastings baby born on 1-11-11

Candace and Daniel Zgoda sit with their new baby, Kylee, who was born on a day of ones: 1-11-11.

Every hundred years, the numbers on the calendar line up so that one day can be marked with all numbers equal to each other. 2011 is one of those years. The first occurrence was New Year's Day, 1-1-11, and the second occurrence happened last Tuesday, 1-11-11.

Kylee Jo Zgoda of Hastings has the privilege of claiming that day as her own for her whole life. After all, it's her birthday.

Kylee is the daughter of Daniel and Candace Zgoda. They didn't plan to have her on a specific day. In fact, Kylee was due almost two weeks prior, on Dec. 30. On Jan. 9, at about 8 p.m., Dr. Melody McKenzie and her staff at Regina Medical Center induced labor, but it wasn't until midnight the next night that they told Candace she was ready.

At about 1 a.m. they called for a C-section, and at 2:06 a.m., little Kylee was born.

As long as it took, it was a relatively easy birth, Candace said.

"The staff here was great," she said. "They explained the entire process. ... The process wasn't nerve-wracking at all."

No one realized at first the special date Kylee was born on.

"It was after she was born that they realized it and started commenting," Candace said. Since then it's about all they've heard about.

"They all thought it was pretty neat," Daniel said of the staff.

Her birth date isn't the only set of ones already in Kylee's life. She is Daniel's and Candace's first child, and the first grandchild for Candace's parents. And for Candace, everything with Kylee is a first.

"It's all new," she said.

Kylee's birthday sits well with Candace, who has a particular "thing" about numbers, she said. She likes them to be evenly matched, she explained, so she's happy to see all ones in her daughter's birth date.

The new Zgoda family stayed in the hospital until last Friday, Jan. 14. After spending five days there, they were excited to get little Kylee home and introduce her to their puppy.