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Hockey boosters finish feasibility study for new facility here

When the Hastings Hockey Boosters proposed building a new hockey training facility on the grounds of the Civic Arena, they and the city both hoped for a building attached to the arena through a new vestibule at the arena's main entrance. It doesn't look like such a plan will be possible anymore.

In July, HHB presented two ideas to the city. One was to construct a training facility adjacent to the existing arena and add a vestibule. The second was to build a detached facility off the southeast corner of the arena. The city favored the attached option, in part because the new vestibule would help keep the arena lobby warmer and would improve energy efficiency, Parks and Recreation Director Barry Bernstein told the Hastings Planning Commission Tuesday.

HHB conducted a fundraising feasibility study to gauge how much money they would be able to raise for the project. Their goal was to raise $500,000, which would cover the cost of their more expensive proposal for the attached building. But the feasibility study indicated that HHB would only be able to fundraise about $375,000.

The city council had approved a resolution in support of the attached facility, providing the feasibility study showed it could be funded. Adjusting to the lower figure, HHB is turning its attention to the cheaper detached facility. City staff are drafting a new resolution in support of the detached facility to present to the City Council Tuesday.

The facility would be between 3,000 and 4,000 square feet. It would offer off-ice training for local hockey players, including areas for puck shooting, passing, stick handling, plyometrics, slide boards and power skating.