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Hudson property now in city's hands

As of Dec. 2, the Hastings Economic Development and Redevelopment Authority (HEDRA) is the new owner of the last bit of commercial riverfront property in downtown Hastings. Not long after, the Minnesota Department of Transportation tore one of the buildings on that property down - at least most of it.

The demolition is visible to anyone driving over the Highway 61 bridge or along Second Street. The roof and much of the walls were removed last week, exposing the building's frame to heavy snow over the weekend.

A portion of the building sat on land Mn/DOT purchased for the right of way for the new bridge. What's left is under a temporary lease Mn/DOT has with the city for construction. The lease gives Mn/DOT rights to use the property as they see fit - in this case, removing the building. Once construction is completed, land use rights revert back to the city, explained John Hinzman, Hastings' community development director.

Although the city owns the rest of the Hudson property, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Co. will continue to use the building until it is able to relocate into its new facility along East 10th Street, in the old Intek Plastics building.

HEDRA and Hudson have signed a post-occupancy agreement that allows the company to remain on Second Street until December of 2011 if they need to.

"In talking to them, they should be out of there well before that," Hinzman said.

In exchange for not paying rent on the facility, Hudson will continue to assume general maintenance costs as if they owned it, Hinzman said.