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Recount: In Dakota County, both Emmer and Dayton lose votes

DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton continues to lead the state-wide voting for the state's highest-elected position - even after the recount - but in Dakota County, it is a different story. It was that way on Election Day, Nov. 2, and continues that way after the votes were recounted last week.

Republican Tom Emmer carried Dakota County Nov. 2, receiving 76,211 votes, to Dayton's 63,066 votes.

At the state's level, with all 87 counties having completed their recount votes, Dayton holds about an 8,900 vote margin.

In Dakota County, Emmer lost one vote - he now has 76,210 votes, and Dayton has lost 4 votes - he now has 63,062 votes.

During the recount process Dayton challenged 20 ballots and Emmer challenged 43 ballots.

The City of Hastings, likewise, selected Emmer as their candidate of choice Nov. 2. During the recount, Emmer lost one vote and Dayton gained one vote. Emmer challenged two ballots, while Dayton did not challenge any.

The State Canvassing Board has scheduled meetings this week to make its determination on the challenged ballots. It will meet next Tuesday, Dec. 14, to certify the results of the recount.

That does not necessarily mean the end of the 2010 gubernatorial race.