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Places to go: The Little Log House Pioneer Village

The gardens of the Little Log House Pioneer Village are pictured above. The village comes alive July 27-29, 2012.1 / 2
Porky's drive-in is now an attraction.2 / 2

The Little Log House Pioneer Village will host the Antique Power Show July 27-29, 2012.

It all began with a log cabin Steve Bauer brought home to the farm. Sylvia Bauer thought it needed a garden and flowers surrounding it.

Next, a pond came to mind, and they determined the pond needed a power wheel. The village grew from there. Today there are more than 40 buildings in Steve and Sylvia Bauer's collection, plus a replica of the Spiral Bridge (complete with a river) and a down-sized version of the 1892 St. Boniface Church, built from the bricks of the old church. In 2011, Porky's drive-in was moved from University Avenue in St. Paul and reconstructed on the grounds.

Today, the Bauers open the village once a year and host an antique power show. The event is still about family, friends and neighbors.

The community gathers at the Bauer's farm on the fourth weekend of July when the village comes alive, and the Bauer's friends tell the stories of a time when life was less hurried, when people got together for work and play.

The village buildings are filled with family and friends, and members of the community that weekend, telling the old stories through demonstrations of quilting, laundry, carving, spinning and more, using the buildings as they were used in simpler times -- millinery, printing office and more. Farmers gather as they once did, to best each other in tractor pulls, to demonstrate those skills once needed on a farm -- shingle making, broom making, and blacksmithing -- and to show off their tractors. Just as they did years ago, people bring the things they have for sale, and meet in the village square to sell them.

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