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Places to go: Vermillion Falls

The Vermillion Falls are located at U.S. Highway 61 and East 21st Street.

See the Vermillion River plunge 30 feet at Vermillion Falls Park in Hastings.

Most days, you can feel the mist from the falls gently touch your face from a lookout high above the action.

There is also a picnic shelter and a paved walking trail at the park. The trail winds its way along the limestone ravine. Just downstream from the falls and along that path, visitors will find an old railroad bridge that is now open to pedestrians and cyclists.

To find the park, look for the intersection of U.S. Highway 61 and East 21st Street. The park is located just east of Highway 61.

Just below the falls, during certain times of the year, kayakers can be seen from the railroad bridge.

Upstream from the falls, stretches of the Vermillion River are designated as a trout stream.

Downstream from the falls, the Vermillion winds its way south next to the Mississippi River. The state record black crappie was caught in the Vermillion River. It was 5 pounds and 21 inches long.

What you need to know

Vermillion Falls

The Vermillion River drops 30 feet at Vermillion Falls Park in Hastings.

The park is located off U.S. Highway 61 (known as Vermillion Street in the city) and East 21st Street.

If you can see the large ConAgra mill, you're close!