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Information for new residents

Whether you're new to the community or have lived here all your life, you have three options when it comes to you remaining a driver and your vehicle in compliance with state law.

If you've moved here from out of state, you'll need to get a Minnesota driver's license immediately. For your convenience, a complete exam and license-issuing center is available at 217 Ramsey St. It operates Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 437-4884 to schedule an appointment.

Exams can be taken on computer or on paper. Once you complete the test successfully, a yellow temporary driver's license will be issued. A regular-issue license will be mailed to your address within a matter of weeks.

If you've moved from another community or have changed residences within the community, you must get your license renewed. A renewal center is located at the Dakota County Government Center, off Highway 55 on the west edge of town.

This center is for renewals only; no driver's license tests are given at the government center.

Anything related to your vehicle can be taken care of at the Hastings Motor Vehicle office in the Hastings Professional Building at 1250 North Frontage Road. Services include registration, tabs, plates and title transfers.

If you're moving to the area from out of state, you must register your vehicle within 60 days of becoming a state resident.

If your vehicle has plates from another state, you will need to bring your out-of-state title, your driver's license and proof of insurance to obtain Minnesota plates.

This office does not offer driver's license testing or renewal service.

You may also obtain licenses for your boat, snowmobile or ATV at the motor vehicle service office.

Minnesota residents pay sales, income and property taxes. Most residents who own their homes can qualify for the homestead property classification, which is less than commercial and non-homestead classifications. Property taxes are paid to the county treasurer twice a year, on May 15 and October 15, but may be escrowed and rolled into your mortgage payment. For more information, call the tax information line, 651-438-4576.

You may register to vote through the county auditor, or at the polls on the day of election. For more information, contact the county auditor's office at 651-438-4380. For assistance or more information, call the Dakota County election information line at 651-438-4380.