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Whom of you should be elected as Mayor?

Without a race for either the mayoral seat or two city council seats this year, Hastings residents took it upon themselves to suggest their own candidates. The Hastings Star Gazette collected the names and compiled them here.


Out of 6,646 votes cast for the mayor's seat, 265 (about 4 percent) were write-ins.

Nick Tuckner, sports director for KDWA Radio earned nearly 8 percent of the write-in vote, with 20 supporters.

"It's pretty neat that folks in our great city would feel that any of my ideas would benefit Hastings," Tuckner wrote in an e-mail after hearing the results. "With many people who know me recognizing the energy and passion I put into working with our kids in my daily work at KDWA Radio, that same energy could be great for the leadership in Hastings. I think that jobs, and our kids come first... and that seems to be the direction that the city, state, and national voters are swinging too. The 'norm' isn't cutting it anymore, and we definitely saw that here, in this past election, nation-wide. However, with that said, Mayor Hicks is a great man, and a strong leader, and hopefully this will be a step in the right direction in being able to work with him someday in city government. He ran un-opposed for a reason, and Paul is great for Hastings."

The second-highest number went to no one. That's right, eight local voters felt Hastings has no need of a mayor. Lance Twedt received the next-highest number of votes with seven, and Paul Kane received six.

Here are the rest of our write-in candidates, less a handful of cartoon characters, celebrities and a few we couldn't make out.

Adam Collins, Alan Heikkila, Allen Alzouhayn, Allen Cowden, Andy Langenfeld, Angela Baldwin, Anthony Alongi (2), Anthony Halfen, Anyone else (4), Barb Hollenbeck, Bob Capanto, Bob Gahnz, Bob Peterson, Brad Stepan, Bryan Ussatis, Calvin Meerkind, Carrie Estenson, Charles Kurley, Charles Scheel, Chase Brown, Chaun Klemetsrud, Chip Knoll (2), Chris Nelson, Clarence Hicks, Cole Angle, Cory Gahnz, Dan McGinnes, Dan Reuter (2), Dan Winstead, Daniel Alsdurf, Darren Youngren, Dave Anderson, Dave Latt, Dave Osberg, David Fasbender, David Kolajesk, David Propst, David Steffan, Dawn West, Danna Schultz, Denny McNamara, Dick Becker, Dick Plattson, Don Latch, Don Lawrence, Donald M. Turnbull, Donald Sawyer, Dors Kane, Ed Kranz (4), Edith Kaiser, Edwin Burmeister, Eric Gustafson, Gary Braun, Glenn Petersen, Gloria Knoll, Gregory Jacobson, Holly Schlict (2), Incumbent, James Holmes (2), James Minder, James Sill (2), Jeanette Yandrasits, Jeff Beltz, Jeff Exley (2), Jeffrey Dorfner, Jennifer Petrowski, Jeremiah Fairbanks, Jerry Leyk, Jim Biermaier, Jim Holmes (2), Jim Magree (2), Joel Seidl, John B. Swanson, John Fox, John Mykelbust, John Smith, John Toresen, Joseph Maciewski, Joseph Mancl, Joseph McCoy, Justin Dziowgo, Kathleen Hamilton, Keith Thompson, Ken Langenfeld, Kevin Absey, Kevin Anderson, Kevin Hoeschen, Kristi Nelson, Lance Twedt (7), Laura Carlson, Leatrice Kurilla, Lee A. Johnson, Les Conzemius, Lisa Kilmer, Lori Porizek, Lou H. Hoffman, Lou Stoffel (2), Mark Bullis, Mark Flynn, Mark Schutt, Mark Vetvick, Martin Siebenaller, Marvin Biskupski, Mary Brady, Mathew Brown, Maureen Northrup, Michael Keim, Michelle Sticha, Michelle Tjomsland (2), Mike McManony, Mike Medcraft, Mike Reuter, Mike Slavik (3), Mike Wilheilm, Milliam McNamara, Nick Murtaugh, Nick Tuckner (20), Nick Wagner, Nick Wasylik (2), Noah Kurth, None (8), Officer Kremlin, Paul Burmeister, Paul Illa (2), Paul Kane (6), Phil Nelson, Phyllis Reuther, Presley McCrae, Reene Doffing (2), Renyald Jones , Rich Vorobleskt, Richard Becker, Richard Myklebust (5), Rick Schweich, Robert Bloch, Robert Burr, Rod Hayek, Rod Risch, Ron Chapin, Russ Rohloff, Ryan Herman Dafone, Scott Childers, Sharon Hicks, Skip Soleim, Stacie Lundquist, Stephen Kane, Steve Albini, Steve Yanz (2), Steve Yarrington, Steve Zeyen, Sliver McGree , Thomas J. Whipple, Teresa Moes, Tim Knoblach, Timothy Connell, Todd Haavstick, Tom Cherny, Tom Kane, Tom McNamara, Tom Murray, Tom Nesbitt, Tom Wright, Tony Berrens, Tony Nelson (3), Tony Price, Tracy Doffing, Travis Nowlan, Troy Blackstad (2), Walter Groth, Wayne Johnson and William Sylvander.

City Council

Out of 9,839 votes cast for two city council seats, 156 (1.5 percent) were write-ins.

Russell Rohloff was the clear write-in favorite, with 21 votes. Lori Brauchs received six votes.

Adam Miller, Al Lundberg, Alan Heikkila, Andrea Cheney, Andrew Haas, Andy Klimek, Barbara Pack, Brad Stepan, Brian Schommer (2), Chad Baynes, Chad Langworthy, Chris Koop, Chris Trutna, Chuck Paulson, Dale Wolpers, Dan Reuter, Daniel E. Woodward, Dave Cross, Dave Osberg, Dave Seifert, David Latt (2), David Rossing, Deb Simon, Dennis Becker, Dennis Martin (2), Elaine Zuzek, Erik Swedberg, Frank Skym, Fred Simon, Gale Mann, Greg Witt, Gregory Jacobson, Gregory Schmitt, Harry Sieben, Holly Schlicht, Janet Seehusen, Jean M. Carlson, Jeanette Yandrasits, Jeffrey Dorfner, Jim Forrest, Jim Moore, Jim Rohr, Joe Meyers, Joel Seidl, John E. Carlson, Joseph McCoy, Josh McLay (3), Justin Aaron, Karen Hartung, Katherine Murphy, Kathy Belisle, Kevin Absey, Kevin Hoeschen, Kristin Porrez, Leatrice Kurilla, Lee Erickson, Linda Myklebust (2), Lori Brauchs (6), Lynn Moratzka (3), Mark Bullis, Mark Flynn, Mark Vaughan, Michelle Sticha, Mike Darst, Mike McAlphin, Mike Reuter, Mike Wilhelm, Mitch Wormington (2), Nick Wagner, Nick Wasylik, Patton Oswalt, Paula Lipinski, Pete Nelson, Rob Groth, Robert Alter, Rod Hayek, Ron Martino (2), Ross Vanderklee, Russel Rolloff, Russell Rohloff (21), Sharon Hicks, Steve Zeyen (2), Theresa Klysen, Thomas J. Seleski, Thomas Klug, Tim Knoblach, Tom Nesbitt, Tony Nelson, Troy Weathers, Valirie Rengrien, Vicky Illa and Wayne Rother.