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McNamara defeats Page by 2-1 margin

When the Minnesota House of Representatives District 57 B race began seven months ago, challenger David Page, DFL, Hastings, was realistic about his chances to win - slim at best.

He was right.

On Tuesday, incumbent Rep. Denny McNamara, Republican, Hastings, was returned to the House by 2-1 margin. With all 21 precincts reporting, McNamara had 10,885 votes to Page's 5,726 votes.

"I'm just so thankful to the voters of the district," said McNamara late Tuesday night. "I'm humbled by their votes."

"Denny is a pretty hard opponent," said Page. "With redistricting looming, and the reaction to the DFL this year, I was realistic about the outcome."

Page said that McNamara's name recognition with voters was a definite advantage in this race.

"For me, my eyes were open when I began," said Page. "I knew my chances when I began this race."

McNamara credits his "common sense" approach to the issues as being important with the voters.

"It's about living within your means," he said. "And getting people working again - that's what I'm hearing as I go door to door.

"What did I hear? It's all about jobs," said McNamara. "That's the message; it's time to move forward and work together."

"People were telling me they had had their hours cut, had lost their jobs," he said. "They put their faith in me. They know I have 30 years of running a small business."

Being part of a campaign was an educational experience, Page said. He said he learned more about the district and about political campaigns in general.

"Overall, I'm not feeling good about the role of money that is spent in campaigns," he said. "A lot of money was dumped into this year's campaigns."

For the most part, people he met were very friendly, Page said.

"But what I heard was disgust with the whole system; that is a lot of frustration," he said. "I'm kind of a cynic anyhow."