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Hastings man involved in stabbing that wasn't in Prescott

PRESCOTT, Wis. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famed author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, might call this one The Case of the Stabbing Victim that wasn't.

Late Sunday night, authorities here responded to a report that a man had been stabbed with a knife during an altercation at a motel.

Upon arriving, officers were told the alleged victim, a 19-year-old man reportedly from Hastings, Minn., had been stabbed in the chest during an alleged altercation with another man whose identity was unknown. Both the alleged victim and an alleged perpetrator fled the scene.

Following an extensive search for the alleged victim in the city, officers learned that the stabbing report was a fake.

A woman who had been with the alleged victim admitted to an officer she made up the stabbing story to prevent the man from being arrested for an alleged probation violation in Minnesota.

Criminal charges of obstructing a police investigation and disorderly conduct will be sought against the three individuals involved, two from Hastings and one from Yankton, S.D.

Because no arrests were made and the case is still under investigation, the identities of the individuals have not yet been released.

Prescott Police Chief Mike R. Bondarenko said he intends to seek restitution to pay for the extensive search for the stabbing victim who didn't exist.