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Regina narrows CEO search to three

Since Mark Wilson stepped down from his position as president and CEO of Regina Medical Center in May, Regina's board of directors has been working to find his replacement. The process is near its end, however, and a new CEO could be selected by Thanksgiving.

The board created a search committee and hired Witt/Kieffer, an executive search firm, to help in the process. Witt/Kieffer met with senior leadership within Regina, medical staff and community members to determine what it was Regina needed in a position.

What they came up with was that Regina wants someone who is willing to live in Hastings, has a master's degree in health care, has experience operating a hospital, "and that they're familiar with Minnesota - especially the weather," said interim CEO Stewart Laird.

Witt/Kieffer came up with 75 applicants from across the upper Midwest and Northwest. They were looking specifically for people who had ties to Minnesota or Wisconsin, Laird explained. Witt/Kieffer narrowed the selection in two cuts, from 75 to 25 and from 25 to eight. Those final eight were brought to Regina's search committee. The search committee then cut that number to five, and over the past few weeks conducted interviews with each of them.

"We've narrowed that down now to three," Laird said.

In the first three weeks of November, the final three will come back in for interviews with their spouses. After that, it's time to choose.

"We expect to select a CEO after those interviews and then have that person on board around the first of the year," Laird said.

What Regina is looking for in its next CEO extends beyond the medical center. While they want someone who can communicate, can work on a long-range plan and understands all Regina's programs, they also want someone who's willing to get involved in the Hastings community and take his or her expertise outside the hospital walls.

Whomever Regina chooses, they're sure to get what they want.

"Certainly the three individuals have different backgrounds, but we're sure they could fill the requirements that we have," Laird said.