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Rosemount man charged with child endangerment

A Rosemount man has been charged with child endangerment and neglect after allowing his 15-year-old nephew to smoke marijuana.

Jerome Tillman, 32, of Rosemount faces a number of charges after officials in the Dakota County Child Protection office found videos on the Internet of Tilllman smoking with the youth.

Tillman is the boy's legal guardian. He assumed care for the boy after the boy's mother, Tillman's sister, died.

According to the criminal complaint filed Oct. 20 in Dakota County Court, child protection notified Rosemount police in April that several videos on the Internet clearly show Tillman instructing his nephew on how to make a blunt, which is a hollowed out cigar filled with marijuana.

The videos go onto show both Tillman and the nephew smoke from the blunt and then appear to be under the influence of drugs.

The videos, which have been taken down, appear to have been made in a residential kitchen. Four videos were found posted on the Internet.

On April 14, social services contacted Tillman and requested an interview. Tillman agreed to a meeting on April 16. Shortly thereafter, according to the complaint, the videos came down.

During the meeting Tillman explained that the youth was his sister's son. He went on to say that he was taking care of the boy after his sister died.

Furthermore, Tillman said he wanted to save his nephew from a life of drugs and crime. Tillman also said he had not used drugs for a year.

In separate interviews both Tillman and the nephew denied using drugs or making the videos.