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Youth pleads guilty in lockdown incident

The youth charged in connection with the April 5 Hastings Middle School lockdown incident has pleaded guilty to three felony counts of assault in the second degree. He appeared in Dakota County Juvenile Court Monday, July 26, before Judge Richard Spicer.

Spicer ruled the youth as delinquent, stayed an adult prison sentence of 108 months, and placed the youth in a long-term program at the Juvenile Detention Center. Following completion of this program, the youth will be placed in another long-term residential treatment facility.

The youth, now 15, was also ordered to pay restitution as determined by Community Corrections, write apologies to the victims, remain law abiding, follow all rules of probation and to not have contacts with the victims and Hastings Middle School.

In June, Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom dismissed his office's request to certify the 14-year-old youth as an adult. At the same time he indicated he would pursue prosecution under the extended juvenile jurisdiction (EJJ).

Under Minnesota law, if a youth is adjudicated as delinquent under the EJJ statute, he/she would be subject to oversight by the Juvenile Court until age 21 and stay of execution of an adult prison term of length to be determined by the Court would occur. The adult prison term could be imposed in the future if the juvenile violates the terms of his juvenile court disposition or commits a new crime.

The youth had previously been petitioned to Juvenile Court on three counts of assault in the second degree, one count of terroristic threats, and one count of criminal damage to property (all felonies). He brought a gun to school that morning and broke into several classrooms with the weapon after the school went into lockdown status.