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Local theater company Rivertown Days performance planned

This weekend, the local Black Dirt Theater company will be performing The-Super-Fun-Time-Sing-A-Long in Prescott's Freedom Park. One week later they'll be performing for their hometown in Rivertown Days.

Black Dirt Theater, which includes Hastings residents Andy Langenfeld, Mandy Langenfeld, Nathanael Raway and Tommy Brauks, will celebrate its two-year anniversary this year. The sing-a-long show is their way to bring people together to have fun.

"We were looking for a way to create a fun event for people that by nature was either live or interactive," Andy Langenfeld said. "And we enjoyed karaoke quite a bit and live band rock and roll... so we thought we'd just slam the two together."

How does it work?

"They'll get a menu of 25 songs that just about everybody knows," Langenfeld explained.

The four-piece rock and roll band will play the songs, and poster boards will have the chorus lines written out so the audience can join in.

"At the end of each song, you shout out the name of the song you want to hear next, and we play it," Langenfeld said.

As an extra perk, there will be an extra microphone on stage for anyone who wants to join the band.

The Prescott show, held from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. July 10, is just the sing-a-long. When Black Dirt Theater comes to Rivertown Days, it's a slightly different story.

"We'll be kicking it up a notch from Prescott," Langenfeld explained.

There will be two sing-a-longs, improv performances, and live tapings of the company's cable show, "Sox News," aired on Hastings Cable 14.

"It's a pretty full menu from 10 in the morning to 6 at night," Langenfeld said.

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