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Music festival raised $11K for HFS

The second annual Hastings Music Festival raised another $11,000 for Hastings Family Service.

The check was delivered Tuesday night to HFS.

Last year, the festival donated $11,500 to HFS.

Andy Lucking, one of the festival organizers, said gross receipts were up considerably this year, but so were expenses. This year's festival had some big-time performers like Martin Zellar.

"The gross amount grew, but we had some additional expenses this year," Lucking said. "This year was as much about friend-raising as it was about fund-raising. We had to get people to know about the festival for the years to come.

"I take this year as a growing year. We got some bigger bands, so we had a few more expenses."

Lucking said that there are T-shirts from the festival for sale at HFS in downtown Hastings. T-shirts are $5, with all proceeds benefiting HFS.