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Pleasant Drive still on track to reopen the week of July 26

Good weather has meant the contractor for the major road construction project on Pleasant Drive and Lyn Way has made significant progress. The progress along Pleasant means it will reopen to traffic during the week of July 26.

"We're anxious to see it get paved," city engineer Nick Egger said. "We are hoping it could be earlier than the week of July 26, but that depends on the weather. If things stayed like this we could be looking for a little bit earlier than that. We'll keep crossing our fingers. It's definitely on track to this point."

Once the road is repaved, light poles will be reinstalled, work will take place on manholes, the second course of blacktop will be laid down and then the lines will be painted. Once all that occurs, the road will be reopened.

Along Lyn Way, curbs were poured last week and driveway aprons are in. The road has been graded and blacktop was expected to be laid this week.

The hard rains of two weeks ago did cause some problem areas for crews, and some water had to be pumped out. That has all since been resolved, and the project has moved forward.

"We are liking what we are seeing so far," Egger said.

North Frontage Road is also seeing some work, as is Westview Drive north of the frontage road.

Once the project along Pleasant Drive is completed, a similar project will take place on Westview Drive, prompting its closure. That should occur sometime around Aug. 1.