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Homemade raft carrying group of performers stops in Hastings

This homemade raft is carrying a group of performers down the Mississippi River. They began their journey in Minneapolis and were in Hastings June 24. They plan to sail all the way to New Orleans.

The Unseen Ghost Brigade made a stop in Hastings Thursday, June 24, on their third day of travel down the Mississippi River. The group of performers built a homemade raft that they are sailing all the way to where the Mississippi meets the Gulf of Mexico. They began building the raft in early May and completed it shortly thereafter.

The boat, named the Riff Raft, was moored at the city's public dock near the Highway 61 bridge.

The performers are filming their adventure and are stopping in cities along the way to perform at bars and clubs. They played in Hastings at RJ's Tavern on Main.

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