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Hokanson trial set for Nov. 1

After almost a year of attorneys' arguments and motions regarding a confession he made, Tyler James Hokanson, 23, will finally have his day in court. He is charged with murder in the second degree (unintentional) in connection with the June 19, 2009 death of his stepson, Nicholas Arthur Miller.

A jury trial for Hokanson, who has been lodged in the Dakota County Jail since his arrested last year, has been scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 1, in Dakota County District Court.

Two weeks ago, a Dakota County judge dismissed a defense motion to set aside a confession Hokanson allegedly made following his arrest in Hastings.

According to the criminal complaint, Nicholas Miller, 1H, was in pain from a broken back, which made it difficult to walk or even breathe. His brain was bleeding and he had other wounds on his body. For four days, he received no medical help from his family.

On June 23, Nicholas turned blue as his stepfather and step-grandmother tried to revive him on picnic table in Maiden Rock, Wis. They called 911 for help. The ambulance arrived 23 minutes later. When the boy arrived at the hospital in Durand, he was pronounced dead.

According to the complaint, prosecutors say an autopsy and investigation found Nicholas had been abused many times in Greenvale Township, which is located near Northfield. Hokanson told investigators he shook Nicholas back and forth on June 19. He said he was mad at his sister-in-law at the time of the shaking.