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Nurses at Regina not among those who will strike

Staffing levels at Regina Medical Center in Hastings will not be effected by this week's nursing strike in the Twin Cities.

Nurses who work at Regina in Hastings are part of the same union, the Minnesota Nurses Association, but their contract is not up until August, according to interim Regina CEO Stewart Laird.

"We are part of the same union, but our contract is on a different timetable," Laird said. "Our contract runs through August. What happens in the Twin Cities will certainly effect us and all the other hospitals in Minnesota, but there will be separate negotiations."

Regina has definitely felt the impact of the strike. Earlier this week, all the medical surgical beds in the hospital were full. Patients were transferred to Regina for fear that they wouldn't have adequate staffing at the 14 metro-area hospitals that will be effected by the strike Thursday.