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Price documents for bridge due this Friday

The financial documents of the three potential contractors for the Highway 61 bridge in Hastings - Flatiron/Kiewit, Lunda/Ames and PCL/Edward Kraemer and Sons - are expected to be submitted Friday, June 4, to the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT).

The three potential contractors were chosen through a selection process last fall. The actual winning bid is determined not just by cost figures, but also through a best-value bid process, according to project manager Steve Kordosky.

The actual determination of the contractor for the project should be completed within two to four weeks.

"The best-value bid is a combination of the technical scores and the design/build (cable or arch bridge design) costs (each contractor is submitting its own design for the bridge)," Kordosky said. "We will evaluate each team's proposal."

When the bid packages are returned to MnDOT, officials will make their evaluation, first on the technical side, arriving at a score for each team's proposal.

After that is determined, than Mn/DOT looks at the price each submitted. A cost cap of $220 million for the new bridge has already been established. Additional monies have been spent for the studies and the work that has already been completed, and the engineering work MnDOT has provided to contractors throughout the process.

The actual contract for the bridge should be signed about July 1.

surfacing, railings, and the bridge itself will be ready for use by October 2013. That might mean that some of the landscaping and cleanup will be completed in the spring of the following year.

Again this week, MN/DOT stressed that the existing Highway 61 bridge will remain open throughout the duration of the construction. When the first two lanes of the new bridge are completed, they will be put into use, along with the existing bridge. The final two lanes will then be constructed.

Updates on the bridge project will continue to be posted on MnDOT's website.