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Victims identified in April 26 crash

Skid marks cover much of the southbound lane of traffic on County Road 47 near Goodwin Avenue, where a crash claimed three lives Monday afternoon.

The three victims of the two-vehicle crash in Vermillion Township have been identified -- Lucila Gutierrez Rojas, 42, Hastings; and Norma Sanchez-Navarette, 24, and Eduardo Bautista-Navarrete, 27, both of St. Paul. The driver of the semi-tractor trailer was Trevor Hubbard, 30, of Northfield.

According to the Sheriff's office, the Rojas vehicle was traveling southwesterly on County 47. The trailer was following it. As Rojas approached Goodwin Avenue, she apparently slowed her vehicle and made a wide turn. The Rojas vehicle was then struck broadside by the trailer.