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Four-way stop coming to Pleasant Drive

This diagram shows what the intersection of Pleasant Drive and South Frontage Road will look like after a four-way stop is installed as part of a project on the road this summer.

By the end of the summer, the intersection at South Frontage Road and Pleasant Drive will look a lot different than it does now. The tricky intersection near Pleasant Hill Library and SuperAmerica will get a four-way stop.

The Hastings City Council approved the construction at the intersection during the meeting Monday night.

City engineer Nick Egger said the intersection has an "inordinate amount of crashes," and the four-way stop should help quell that problem.

Egger said approximately 11,000 cars use the intersection daily.

Southeast section

One sticking point in Monday's debate was the southeast corner of the intersection. Vehicles traveling north on Pleasant Drive that turn right onto South Frontage Road do so under difficult conditions. Many larger vehicles run over the curb as they navigate a sharp corner with little extra space to maneuver.

Egger outlined the engineering department's best solution to the problem, which included adding three feet of roadway to the turning area.

Other options were also on the table, but both would have required significant right-of-way acquisitions from the landowners of the Westview Mall.

Among those who wanted to see the city explore other options was Don Bettis, who owns Auto Doctor on South Frontage Road, not far from the intersection.

"That corner is over 90 degrees," Bettis said during the public hearing. "It is a big safety item. Someone standing there is in danger."

Bettis said the city's solution to the corner will actually make things worse, and he urged the council to pursue acquiring the land necessary to make the intersection safer.

"We should be thinking of the people on that corner instead of worrying about (acquiring) the right-of-way," he said.

Bettis also expressed concern about vehicles turning off Highway 55 onto Pleasant, and having them back up too far during peak traffic times.