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Incumbents returned to office in township elections

The incumbent office holders were returned to office in Tuesday's annual township elections.

Of the reporting townships - Douglas Township had not reported its vote totals to Dakota County as of Wednesday morning - the results are as follows:

Hampton Township: Incumbent supervisor Donna Otto was re-elected with 44 votes. A total of 45 votes were cast in the election.

Marshan Township: Incumbent supervisor Jerry Bauer received 41 votes, and clerk Marge Snyder received 38 votes. A total of 41 votes were cast in the election.

Nininger Township: Supervisor Steve Bloomstrand received 25 votes. A total of 25 votes were cast.

Ravenna Township: Supervisor Mike Waxon had 47 votes and clerk/treasurer Caroline Spurgeon had 52 votes. A total of 54 votes were cast.

Vermillion Township: Supervisor Lewellyn "Wally" Stoffel was re-elected with 65 votes and clerk MaryAnn Stoffel received 67 votes. A total of 67 votes were cast.