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Editorial: Once again, Hastings steps up to help others in community

Hastings residents stepped up again this weekend to take care of someone in need.

The story on page 2A about the success of the benefit for the family of Jami Losh Flannigan serves as an example of this community's willingness to help others.

Losh Flannigan died Dec. 18 at St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, from a rare disorder. She was 32 years old and has recently given birth to her fourth child.

The benefit committee collected more than 530 items for the silent auction and an estimated 700 people attended the benefit.

We salute those who planned the event and attended it. Without them, Losh Flannigan's family would be in an even tougher spot than they are today, as they continue to deal with the loss of a wife, daughter and mother.

Although most benefits are born out of tragedy, which we can all agree we could do without, it seems whenever there's a need, Hastings residents come through to fill it. It's a trait the Hastings community should be proud of.