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New Ravenna Town Hall opens for business

The Ravenna Town Hall is now open for business. The previous town hall was destroyed by fire in May. Although investigators believe the fire was arson, no charges were ever filed.

The new building is ready for use.

As of last week, Ravenna Township has a new official town hall at 20425 Red Wing Blvd. The building replaces the former town hall that was destroyed by fire in May. While the fire was considered arson, no charges were ever filed.

The new 2,200-square-foot town hall, about nine miles south of Hastings, sits on the concrete slab of the former building. The three bids for the project actually came in lower than the cost of the destroyed building - about $122,000. Red Wing Construction did the work.

The new town hall is very similar to the former one, a one-story wood frame building with metal siding, with some "tweaking," and a fire protection system installed.

Fortunately, while the fire earlier this year destroyed the structure, most of the township's records and minute books were saved.

The township had purchased a fireproof cabinet, and many of the records were stored there.

The first Ravenna Town Hall on Red Wing Boulevard was built in 2003 at a cost of about $161,000 and opened in early 2004.

Prior to that time, the township's town hall was a one-room building previously used as a schoolhouse, near the Vermillion River. It had no indoor plumbing or running water. That building has been moved to Steve and Sylvia Bauer's Little Log House and Antique Power Show.

Township meetings are currently being held in the Marshan Town Hall, 19497 E. 205th St. - Highway 61 south from Hastings to 105th St. The town hall is at the intersection.

During the construction period this fall, Marshan Township allowed the use of its building by Ravenna officials.