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Leak at M&H will have 'mild effects' on ground water

Preliminary tests have found that the E85 gas leak at M&H gas station will have only "mild effects" on ground water.

According to a spokesperson for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the MPCA will have to conduct ground water samplings over the next three to four months in order to determine the exact extent of how much gas leaked and how far it has traveled in the ground. E85 is an ethanol and petroleum gas mixture that's used in some vehicles.

The leak doesn't present any immediate danger to the public, but the MPCA will continue to sample ground water from the monitoring wells to see if any gas made its way into the water. The aquifer that Hastings draws its drinking water from is much deeper than the leaked gas is expected to have traveled.

When performing a standard test on its tanks in late February, M&H discovered the leak and immediately contacted the MPCA.

A lot of the work that's been visible at the site over the past few weeks has been the removal of the tank in question, and the drilling of monitoring wells in various locations around M&H's property.