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To the editor: Teacher's union puts money into pockets of politicians

To the editor,

Follow the money.

Please help me understand. Is this correct? I work hard to earn a living and be a contributing member of society. I pay a portion of my wages to the city in the form of property taxes. The city pays teacher's salaries from my property taxes. Teachers pass those dollars on, as dues, to the teacher's union. The teacher's union takes those dues (my hard earned dollars) from the teacher's salaries and contributes them to political candidates. If this is correct, my dollars aren't being used to raise the quality of education.

Do all teachers agree on the same political candidates? When did the teacher's union start to put money in the pockets of politicians and lobbyists? I prefer to contribute my dollars to politicians of my choosing.

I followed my money and didn't like the destination.

C.A. Pierce