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I've always wondered who lives there - 309 Maple St.

309 Maple St. is home to Steve and Virginia Spence and their two daughters, Katie and Victoria.1 / 4
The cozy basement family room at 309 Maple St. has a wood-burning stove the family added.2 / 4
Steve Spence and his daughter, Katie Spence, stand in the upstairs living room at 309 Maple St. Katie plays flute and found out two weeks ago she made the All-State Honors Band.3 / 4
A sign on the front of the house lets visitors know 309 Maple St. is home to "The Spences."4 / 4

The Spence household at 309 Maple St. looks good under a few inches of fresh snow. It's the natural cedar siding and wooden, cabin-esque plaque on the front of the house that reads "The Spences."

The family moved to Hastings in 1995 when Katie Spence, who's now in eighth grade, was just a year old. Her mom and dad, Virginia and Steve Spence, spent about a year looking for the right home in Hastings, and 309 Maple St. turned out to be that home.

For Steve, the screened-in porch on the east side of the house was one of the most attractive features.

"I want my deck so I can use it in the afternoon," he said. "I don't want to be able to fry my steaks without charcoal."

The porch is situated so it's shaded from the hot afternoon and evening sun in the summer.

The house was built in 1962. The house to the east on Fourth Street was built by the same person and has similar cedar siding. The same builder also built the house to the north from the Spence residence. The Spence house is on a double-sized lot.

At one time, the Rosenbaum Estate took up most of the block. The Spence house sits right about where the tennis courts were, Steve said.

At first, the house was too big for the family. There's a basement family room that they moved right into, but the upstairs family room didn't even have furniture in it until about a year after they moved in, Steve said.

Steve and Virginia have a second daughter, Victoria, or Vicki, as she's called. Vicki is 12 years old and is in sixth grade. Katie, their older daughter, plays flute and found out two weeks ago that she made the All-State Honors Band.

Virginia works for General Electric as a risk manager. Steve owned Spence Express, a trucking and equipment leasing company, but sold it when Katie was six months old and retired.

Steve said he hasn't had to do anything to the cedar siding in all the years they've lived there. It was re-stained just once, 15 years before the Spences bought the house, and the siding is still holding up good.

Inside, they've remodeled the kitchen, a basement office and Katie's bedroom.