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Results from other area races

Coates, Miesville, New Trier and Vermillion all held city races Tuesday night.

The results are as follows:

Coates: Jack Gores was elected mayor with 60 votes. The total votes cast were 74.

For Coates City Council, Christopher Gores with 67 votes was elected.

Miesville: Eugene Stoffel was elected mayor with 69 votes, and Dean Schauer was elected to the City Council with 59 votes. There were 100 votes cast.

New Trier: Allen Fligel was elected mayor with 53 votes, and Zacharie DeJarlais with 52 votes and Dorine Geurts with 49 votes, were elected to the City Council. There were 52 votes cast.

Vermillion: Brian Mann was elected mayor with 204 votes, Bruce Holien with 190 votes and Diane Gehrke with 182 votes, were elected to the City Council.