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Two Hastings men apprehended after chase through trailer park

Two Hastings men led police on a chase Tuesday night through the Three Rivers Mobile Home Park. The chase ended in a ditch along Highway 316.

The two men are expected to be charged at noon in Dakota County court Friday, Oct. 3. They have been in custody since they were apprehended Tuesday night.

The chase began after a Hastings Police patrol officer attempted to pull over a vehicle that had a tail light out. The vehicle sped up and attempted to flee the officer. The driver of the vehicle weaved his way through the trailer park, driving over the grass through vacant lots and he eventually ended up on a bike trail. He followed the trail until he reached Highway 316, at which point he headed south. The vehicle ended up in the ditch after getting a flat tire.

Two Hastings Police Department officers had pursued the suspect. The Dakota County Sheriff's office also assisted.

Officers found drugs in the car, and the Dakota County Drug Task Force was called.