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Week No. 8 • The Bierstube

The Bierstube had me at "fresh ground, never frozen Angus beef."

On Monday, I got a half-pound of that beef. On top of it was a gooey concoction of bleu cheese and bacon, nestled in a wonderfully toasted bun. I added the 'Stube's famous steak fries and had myself quite a nice lunch for $6.50.

The Bierstube has half-priced burgers on Monday, so long as you buy a beverage. Normally, the burger I had was $7.49 plus $2.75 for the steak fries. A third-pound option is available for $6.49.

Don't miss

Baby back ribs are served every day. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Sunday is family day, where all kids get an endless mug of soda with any burger, hot dog or sandwich.

There's a Friday night fish fry, and there's also an asparagus plate for those Fridays where burgers are out.

Don't like burgers?

Let your inner German out by making a trip to the Bierstube on the first Saturday of the month for Hilde's German meatballs, smothered in her creamy white German gravy. All you can eat, $12.99.

Not sure about German food? Get the sampler platter, which comes with sauerbraten, wiener schnitzel, schweine haxen, bratwurst, mettwurst, cabbage, sauerkraut, spatzle, toast and gravy for $17.99.

Sounds like home to me.

On Saturdays, and throughout all of October, all German dishes are $2 off.

Happy hour runs from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Customers get $1 off all rail drinks and domestic bottles. For the rest of October, there are two-for-ones on Bierstube Red during happy hour.

About the Bierstube

The Bierstube was opened Dec. 15, 1962, and has been in operation at the intersection of highways 61 and 55 in Hastings ever since.

Lawrence Yanz opened the business. The meatballs are named in honor of his wife, Hilde.

Larry's sons, Jim and Mike Yanz, now own the Hastings location.

Rob Groth is the manager.

There are a total of five Bierstube restaurants. They are in Hastings, Inver Grove Heights, Red Wing, Oakdale and White Bear Lake.

What Christina says

Regina Medical Center dietician Christina Gapp looked over the Bierstube's menu and had this to say about healthful options there:

"Danke! With authentic German food local to all of us in the Hastings school district, the Bierstube is an affordable place to visit. My heritage is only a little bit German, but German foods are not very spicy or unfamiliar to most Americans. The Bierstube offers tremendous variety and caters to a number of appetites.

"If you like foods that are locally grown, try the Wisconsin-made cheese curds. You may say you cannot eat them because they are too salty, and voila, there is Swiss cheese (low salt) on a number of menu items.

"If you prefer a hearty sandwich, try the weiner schnitzel sandwich. It's a favorite, and it's a lightly breaded boneless pork, mouth-watering delight ...

"Did I mention the many choices for vegetables? You can try red cabbage, sauerkraut, and even a lenten special asparagus plate (a vegetarian option). Wow. There are also sauteed vegetables for those avoiding the fried versions, from mushrooms, to onions, to asparagus.

"If you want a smaller meal, they have a small chef salad for a great price. Healthy sides include seasoned wild rice blends, or baked potatoes, and you can always ask for unbuttered bread. For the kids, 1/2 size portions are available.

"Check it out; the Bierstube is not your common pub. Tschüs!"

As always, if you have ideas, comments or suggestions about this piece, please let me know. My phone number is 651-437-6153 and my e-mail address is crichardson@hastings