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About the burger series

I am embarking on the culinary journey of a lifetime. I will be visiting every area restaurant that has a burger on its menu. I will order a burger. I will eat a burger. I will photograph a burger. And I will write about a burger.

And you will be the lucky recipients of my research.

That said, these will not be formal reviews. I have no interest in trying to rate the burgers or the service. I'm not a chef. I've never waited tables. For me to be the judge and the jury is something I'm not comfortable with.

But I will do my best to tell you about the restaurant, the menu and the burger. I'll tell you what I ordered and how it was.

Based on an early count, we've come up with about 35 restaurants in and around Hastings that serve burgers. I'll include restaurants from Coates, New Trier, Miesville, Hampton and Vermillion, too.