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Need a house? Here's one for free

Since a story appeared a couple weeks ago about the Linn Companies' desire to redevelop the old Jiffy gas station at the corner of Vermillion and 15th streets, operations manager Dan King has had his phone ringing off the hook.

Callers, though, aren't interested in buying the property. Rather, they're concerned about the home that sits on the property that King and his company hope to redevelop. Callers want the house moved, not destroyed.

"We're getting four or five calls a day on the house," King said.

But King's message is clear. His company isn't going to move the house. That said, he's willing to offer up the home free of charge for anyone who wants it.

"Everyone calls and says, 'Don't knock the house down. Move it.'

"We're saying, 'Go ahead and do it.'"

Anyone interested in the house would have to get all the necessary permits from the city, and they'd have to move the stove out of the house as well.

"We're into redevelopment," King said. "We're not into moving homes and reselling them, or leasing them out. That's not the business that we're in.

"But we'd love to see it moved. The city would love to see it moved."

Anyone who wants to take on the project of moving the house can contact King by calling 651-731-5967.

"If the general public doesn't come up with a solution to move it and find a home for it, it will be destroyed," King said.