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Coborn's now offers grocery delivery at Hastings store

Coborn's Superstore is offering to deliver your groceries to you.

Store manage Loren Savoie said the Coborn's in Hastings is the third store in the family-owned business to offer the service.

"We looked at the demographics," he said. "And we felt Hastings needed it."

"There's a big enough population to make it worthwhile.

"We also looked at the number of dual income families. It's a handy service when both parents are working.

"And it saves gas."

For $7.95 in the 55033 area, one of four Coborn's employees in the home delivery department, headed by Ryan Grossman, will pick the order, bag it and deliver it to your home, at a time you specify.

The way it works is this: A customer goes online to and sets up an account, basically your name, address, e-mail address and phone number.

The Web site shows the store ads and coupons, and lists of the available groceries. Add the groceries to your "cart," and set up a delivery time.

"Delivery is also available in Cottage Grove, Prescott, Vermillion, Miesville, Welch and Hampton," Grossman said. "The cost is $9.95."

The service has only been available for a little more than a month, Grossman said, and it's already doing well.

"We have 20 to 30 customers that consistently shop online now and have their groceries delivered."

Summer is not a time when people typically have their groceries delivered, Savoie said. But it's a good time for Coborn's to build their delivery service.

"When it's lousy outside, that's when people will use the delivery service," he said.

"Customers should watch for specials. We'll be offering some discounts."

In the future, prescriptions may be added to the delivery service.

Coborn's recently added delivery service to your car when you shop in the store. An employee will carry your bags for you.