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Change in store for article comments

As the editor of the Hastings Star Gazette, I had grand visions for our Web site. In particular, I had high hopes for our article comments. Turns out, I was too optimistic.

Today, April 15, I removed all comments.

In their place, we're offering a Talk About It feature, where readers can submit comments. Those comments, though, will be reviewed by me before they are posted.

I apologize to the responsible readers of our online community. Your readership is valued and your comments were appreciated.

To the crazy few who made baseless accusations and often made personal attacks, please know you ruined it for everyone. I will no longer give you a voice on my website.

If you want to submit a comment, go right ahead. I'll review it and, if it meets our criteria for publication, I'll approve it. If you want your article posted, keep these rules in mind:

1) There can be no personal attacks;

2) There can be no use of all capital letters;

3) There can be no baseless accusations;

4) Questionable comments will not be posted.