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Editorial: Believe it or not: bridge is eligible for historic register

This week, we received yet more bad news about our nice blue bridge here in Hastings. Its condition is even worse than we thought.

So, you'll certainly want to know this:?it's eligible to be put on the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, the Minnesota Department of Transportation must "study options for rehabilitation and reuse of the existing structure."

Bottom line:?thousands of dollars are going to be spent looking into ways to rehabilitate the bridge here in Hastings because it is more than 50 years old.

We have a sincere appreciation for the history in Hastings. We really do. But we fail to see how the bridge here in Hastings is in any way historic.

At 56 years old, it's ancient for a bridge. But that certainly doesn't make it historic.

We're certain that there will be no way for the current bridge to be rehabilitated. We're not worried about that.

We are worried about the money that will be spent by MnDOT on the study. If it's $10 or $10,000, it's too much, and it would be an absolute waste of money.

This process was likely repeated nearly 60 years ago, when construction was begun on the big blue bridge, and word spread that the Spiral Bridge was going to be demolished. There were people who wanted to preserve the Spiral Bridge. They realized how unique it was, and wanted it saved.

This bridge, though, is anything but unique. It's a mass of corroded metal and it needs to go.

So, let's divert all the money we can to getting a new bridge built, and let's not waste any money studying options for reuse.