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To the editor: Bond should be supported

Bond should be supported

To the editor,

As a retired senior citizen, I'm asking voters of School District 200 to support the upcoming bond issue. The Hastings Area Senior Center was first housed in two remodeled classrooms at Hastings Senior High with a membership of around 400 people. It then was moved to the Westview Center, and in 1999, moved to its current location at 213 Ramsey St. In 2007, the center's membership is over 1,100 people.

Over the past 14 years, I have served on the advisory council and currently, I am a volunteer instructor of the AARP Defensive Driver Safety Program, with the classes being held at the senior center. When classes are conducted, very few other activities can take place at the center. Classes are being scheduled in the evening for people still working and to relieve some of the scheduling conflicts during the day.

New retirees and the baby boom generation, with different interests and needs, make it necessary for the center to find space more conducive to meeting these needs. The Tilden Kindergarten Center would give us twice the space we currently have as well as access to a cafeteria/gymnasium and better parking with more parking spaces.

Thank you.

John Schutt