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Opinion: All about my wild night on Cari Park Lane

I've never had a nice car.

Now, I'm just wishing I had a car.

During a recent trip back to the office from Hastings Ford, my hail-damaged 1992 Nissan with 154,000 miles broke down in Cari Park.

This is where the story gets good.

Later that night, my neighbor Leonard and I drove out to Cari Park to tow the car to the repair shop. On the way to south Hastings, it became apparent that his truck wasn't running very well either.

In fact, once we got my car hooked up to his truck, the truck died. The alternator had gone out.

So, there we stood on the side of the road with two broken-down vehicles.

I grabbed my cell phone and we called Leonard's wife, Jill, who drove out to the scene with her brother, Barry, and her nephew, Scott.

This is where the story gets really good.

We hooked Jill's car up to Leonard's truck in an effort to charge up the battery and make a run for home. We got about an inch.

So, we hooked them all back up and waited a couple minutes. This time, it worked. We got about a block before Leonard's truck died.

We charged it again, got about two feet and that's when Jill had to speak up.

Jokingly, she suggested we just hook the two cars up to one another and drive down the street with the battery cables still attached. Ha. Very funny.

But you could see the wheels turning in Leonard's head.

"That's not a bad idea," he said.

Now the story gets even better.

We hooked the batteries up and had Scott hold the battery cables as we drove down Cari Park Lane. Off we went. Two cars, battery cables all over the place, and a guy running down the middle of the street between the cars holding the cables.

What had I ever done to get myself into something like this?

We made it all the way to SuperAmerica, and then we got brave.

We unhooked the two cars, and we sped off in Leonard's truck. We made it halfway home and the truck died again. One last charge got us home.

The next morning, Leonard installed a new alternator and drove out to tow me to the repair shop.

My car was not repairable, so I picked up a used one. I'm now much lighter in the pocketbook, but I consider that a small fee to pay for such a priceless memory.