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Letter to editor: Medallion hunt mistake was frustrating

To the editor,

In today's world, few communities are innocent enough to enjoy annual festivals like Rivertown Days. This community, its innocence is the reason many of us have chosen to live here. Most of us anxiously await our favorite events of the Rivertown Days celebration. For me, it's the medallion hunt. Although I've never found it, I enjoy searching for it year after year. However, this year disappointed me.

Many people who don't take part in the medallion hunt will probably think that I am making waves in an otherwise successful celebration. However, those who partake in the medallion hunt understand how competitive the event is. Motivated by a claim to fame and the $500 prize, many people spend the greater part of every day looking for the medallion until it's found. All that we ask for are clearly defined rules that apply to everyone.

This year, fellow hunters believed that the medallion had to be hidden on public land and that clues would be given out daily when Edina Realty opened. Nonetheless, the medallion was hidden on land that isn't even recognized by our own Chamber of Commerce on its city map as being public. Furthermore, the clue that lead to the finding of the medallion was given out to a group before Edina Realty officially opened. Normally that wouldn't matter because the clues are so difficult, but the final clue was in fact, specific directions to the medallion. The clue actually told the privileged group to take General Sieben south to the medallion.

I look forward to hunting the medallion again next year, provided the clues are more clearly defined and followed. I hope that this year was a fluke, but I fear our community may be losing its precious innocence.

Michael Lusian


Editor's note: Edina Realty admits that a mistake was made Sunday morning with the time the clues were made available to medallion hunters. The person who normally handles the clues was on vacation for the final three days of the hunt, and a mix-up in communication resulted in the final clue being released about 15 minutes early, according to Sandy Becker, the office administrator.

Edina Realty regrets the error and hopes the community can move on and continue the medallion hunt as part of Rivertown Days.